Thanks for supporting art. Here’s a few guidelines to guarantee you get the art you want from me:

  • Tell me your idea. Send me photos of any figures you want included (people, pets, etc)

  • What sort of style are you imagining?

    • Detailed vs Simple

    • Color vs Black and White

  • What size do you want? Custom sizes are welcomed, and these are the sizes I always have on hand.

    • 7 inches by 10 inches

    • 9 inches by 12 inches

    • 11 inches by 14 inches

    • 14 inches by 17 inches

  • Comic, Illustration or Portrait?

    • A comic is multiple separate images on a single page

    • An illustration is a combination of images, like a figure with a background

    • A portrait is a figure or figures with no background

  • What is your budget? (These are example prices, your selection will vary)

    • 7x10 black and white, simple, portrait $45

    • 9x12 color, detailed, illustration $125

    • 11x14 color, detailed comic $175

  • Email me!

Take a look at some of my previous commission work!

A-Farmer-Prays---Leo-Dangel copy.jpg

An illustration based on Leo Dangel’s poem A Farmer Prays.

A comic based on Leo Dangel’s poem First Grader’s Country School Lesson.

A comic based on Leo Dangel’s poem Tornado